CSP EP. 50 – Future Visions (In Fantastic FutureVision!)


In this episode the duo gets real with amazon drones, music, buzzwords and remembering Paul Walker. They also speak of the brief hiatus and a touch of real life that hit close to home. Brace yourselves.

EP 50 – Future Visions (In Fantastic FutureVision!)

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CSP EP. 49 – Halloween Spooktacular 2: Resurrection


In the 2nd annual CSP Halloween Spooktacular Ty and Rocky raise the dead…figuratively of course…or is it? The guys break down new horror flicks and fondly revisit the classics, go through some creepy headlines and tell you terrifying tales of the unexplained and paranormal. turn out the lights, get some candy and what ever you do…don’t go in the basement!

EP 49 – Halloween Spooktacular 2: Resurrection

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CSP EP. 48 – Art n’ Stuff with A Wild Sketch Appeared


In this episode i’m joined by artist and reddit’s favorite son “A Wild Sketch Appeared” to talk about his drawings, inspirations, fame, favorite cereal and pokemon! We also get into a Q&A session of questions from Reddit readers, inquiring minds that want to know and guinea pigs in chainmail!

EP 48 – Art n’ Stuff with A Wild Sketch Appeared

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check out more art from A Wild Sketch Appeared at      http://www.reddit.com/user/AWildSketchAppeared

CSP EP. 47 – Seems Like Old Times


In this episode Ty calls in and the boys get back together…for a homecoming of sorts. They discuss Ty’s Germany adventures, beers, dads and Judge Judy. We also played a rousing game of “Dead or Alive” and talk about foriegn McDonalds’. Calling all ambassadors of the future…We’re doing it all over again!

EP 47 – Seems Like Old Times

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CSP EP. 46 – What’s In The Fridge with Greg Puckett


In this episode i’m joined by the man behind the wildy successful YouTube show Greg’s Beer Reviews, “Mr. Good Beer” himself Greg Puckett to talk about his show, his life, his refridgerators and what else?…BEER. We go deep on what’s good today in the craft beer scene and get answers to some burning questions. Feel free to take a big drink of this episode, it goes down smooth and has a pleasant after taste..

EP 46 – What’s In The Fridge with Greg Puckett

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Check out and subscribe to Greg’s YouTube Channel at:


CSP EP. 45 – The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope With Chad Thomas Johnston


Author/Artist/Musician/…Magician?? Chad Thomas Johnston phones in to discuss writing music, halloween, his book NIGHTMARRIAGE, a “Pork Spare Ribs Cry-O-Vac” and we play a round of “That or This”. All that and useful health tips coming up on this daring episode of CSP.

EP 45 – The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope With Chad Thomas Johnston

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find more of Chad’s work at:


CSP EP. 44 – Captain Steve’s Trilogy of Love Vol. 1


Kenny Miller and Capt. Steve sit in to discuss marriage troubles, gypsies from Montana, brainwashing and love in general as Capt. Steve spills his heart about a love story gone wrong and a possible reunion in the months to come. It’s heartbreaking, it’s beautiful, it’s Capt. Steve’s Trilogy Of Love Vol.1.

EP. 44 Capt. Steve’s Trilogy of Love Vol. 1

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CSP EP. 43 – Truth Or Dare with Jessica Cameron


In this episode award-winning actress and “Scream Queen” Jessica Cameron sits in to discuss indie horror flicks, artificial blood, her directorial debut “Truth or Dare” and the nature of the acting biz…we also take questions from listeners and we find out just how awkward shooting movie sex scenes can be!

EP. 43 Truth Or Dare With Jessica Cameron

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For more of Jessica’s work check out


CSP EP. 42 – Memories


In this episode, Ty says goodbye. we play calls from long-time listeners and past guests, make some time to reminisce about the past year and open a new chapter. In the immortal words of Dr. Seuss…”Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.”

EP. 42 Memories

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CSP EP. 41 – One More Late Nite


The guys get it together for another Late Nite CSP and they talk about “The CSP Movie: The Sequel, Family Memories, The people of Wal-Mart, Behind The Candelabra, World News, Beer Wars and hooking up with an older Beverly D’Angelo. We’re doing it all over again!

EP. 41 One More Late Night

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CSP EP. 40 – The Eggly Bagelface Show With Kenny Miller


Kenny Menny Killer sits in with the boys to chat about “menny” things. Some of those “menny” things consist of starting a religion, 90’s disaster flicks, song lyrics, the Children’s Television Workshop, boobie punching, cake farts, and “The Glass Bottom Boat Society”. #40 is all about old friends catching up in this weird world we live in…now with less awkward pauses!

EP. 40 The Eggly Bagelface Show With Kenny Miller

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CSP EP. 39 – The Book Club With Ksenia Anske


On this rainy episode of Late Nite CSP, the guys are joined by writer extraordinaire Ksenia Anske. We talk about her books “Siren Suicides”, “Rosehead”, and “Blue Sparrow”. We dig deep on how she finds inspiration, the stories behind the books, and her advice for new writers. . . but that’s not all! We also dissect Woodstock ’99, silly dialects, past regrets, and the Dog-Butt Jesus. It’s all been laid out for you here in this daring episode of Late Nite CSP!

EP. 39 The Book Club With Ksenia Anske

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Get Free E-Book Downloads of Ksenia’s Books at:


CSP EP. 37 – Happy Happy, Joy Joy With Scotty Hoek


In this episode we’re joined by Scotty Hoek, the curator of the “World’s Largest Ren and Stimpy Memorabilia Collection”. We chat about this amazing collection of goods, the classic cartoon, and John K and Nickelodeon in-general. We also dissect “Used catheters”, Dog Spectacles (trademark), and the incompetence of our producer Rodrigo.

EP. 37 Happy Happy, Joy Joy With Scotty Hoek

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To see Scotty’s collection visit his YouTube Channel:


CSP EP. 36 – I Don’t Want No Scrubs With Jim


Jim sits in with the guys and pulls back the curtain to reveal to everyone his somewhat somber tales of working in the medical field, but thats not all! We also break down strip clubs, bacon flavored mouthwash, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Sam Goody, the top 50 most beloved discontinued snacks of the 90’s, and enlighten netflix subscribers on the 1000+ titles disappearing this month. Call your friends…we made it to episode 36!!!

EP. 36 I Don’t Want No Scrubs With Jim

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CSP EP. 35 – Submitted For Your Approval With Chris Brown


In this installment of CSP we’re joined from across the pond by Christopher Brown, the host of the Night Gallery Podcast – a two and a half year labor of love exploring the themes and history of each episode of the classic show. We also delve into the darker side of life with death chat, surgeries gone wrong, chicken and waffles, and twitter.

EP. 35 Submitted For Your Approval With Chris Brown

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check out the night gallery podcast at:  www.thetwilightzonenetwork.com

and Chris’s new podcast:  www.videonastiespodcast.com

CSP EP. 34 – The Jelly Bean Incident


Get your barf bags ready kids, in this experimental episode we play a game throughout the whole show. While tackling current events, anytime we say “uh” or “um” we have to eat a heinous jelly bean! we’ll be chewin’ on centipedes, moldy cheese, rotten eggs, vomit and dog food! In the meantime, we also get around to the new Louis C.K. special, celebrity deaths, news of our nation, and hear a brand-new ukelele tune from Uncle Brian. Gross times ahead… Barf Brothers Forever!

EP. 34 The Jelly Bean Incident



In celebration of our 30th episode, our crack team have tirelessly compiled our favorite from clips from the first 15 episode, including clips from our coveted “Lost Episodes”. Kick back, pop open a bonk cola, and rejoice! Ambassadors of the future UNITE!


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CSP EP. 29 – It Might Get Loud With Lukcan


In this music-heavy episode the duo is joined by singer/songwriter Lukcan to discuss his upcoming album release and the journey he went on to record it. They also go over new movie reviews and create a soundtrack for third-world countries. If the neighbors are asleep you may wanna lower your volume just a smidge, it might get loud!

EP. 29 It Might Get Loud With Lukcan

Check out more of Lukcan’s orignal music here:


CSP EP. 27 – Ugly Sex With Lance Manion


In this episode the guys are joined once again by the great writer, published author, and all-around good guy Lance Manion to discuss his future book and newly created holiday “Have Sex With An Ugly Person Day”. We also chat about religion, the amish, walking until there is a cure, and the Oscar Meyer Weiner-Mobile. Sleep with an ugly person this April 2nd and tell Lance all about it!

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CSP EP. 26 – Late Night Stories


In this installment of CSP the fellas go over current events, Edward Scissorhands, abused dogs at dogs shows and Rocky’s midnight dog water incident, and then wrap it up with some real talk about being analytical introverts. Oh, and keep an eye out for CSP’s new extreme cola. BONK: It’s What You Drink!

EP. 26 Late Night Stories

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CSP EP. 25 – Baby Snakes with Dayvid DesRoches


In this jam-packed episode the guys are joined by Dayvid DesRoches: a musician, an artist, and most importantly, a friend. We talk about the state of music today and the possibility of forming a new band, go over the 10 funniest people of 2012, and hear a sultry voicemail Ty received by accident. Then we wrap things up with Dayvid explaining the importance of harnessing your chi and the power of your own psyche.

EP. 25 Baby Snakes with Dayvid DesRoches

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CSP EP. 24 – True Fact


In this rainy day edition of CSP, the guys embrace their “silly side” and discuss pranking friends and what happens when “the midnight fright” comes back. We also discuss what’s new in televison, Ty partying like a frat boy, and the 90’s pandemic of one-strapped overalls. Oh, and dunkaroo’s! You don’t wanna miss this one – true fact.

EP. 24 True Fact

Original Cover Artwork by: Brennan Johnson

CSP EP. 23 – Bridges Of Madison County 2 with Lance Manion


In this installment, the dudes talk about childhood fears and what exactly makes a hipster a hipster. Then they have author Lance Manion phone in to talk about his books, art, and why Honey Boo Boo sucks. Finally they wrap it up with how important it is to “stay hungry and stay foolish”.

EP. 23 Bridges Of Madison County 2 with Lance Manion